Raw Cacao Sea Moss Super Smoothie

Raw Cacao Sea Moss Super Smoothie


  • Moníca DeShawn

    I ordered the Seasonal Sampler Basket of (organic) tropical fruits and I live north of Dallas, TX. You can definitely order from Fruits N Rootz and have it delivered to Austin, accept citrus fruit. This is because agricultural laws for any state that can grow citrus like TX don’t want citrus infestation( i.e. competition). There are a few subscription services in TX that offer organic citrus grown in south TX, but the season is from November-February. So try FnR’s seasonal tropical sampler because these fruits don’t grow in TX and are rarely organic at the grocery stores. I hope you enjoy, I’m super excited to try the variety and share with my family!!!

  • Jennefer Perez

    Can’t wait for my next box!! Love it 🥰

  • Ravenmcclain

    I would love to order from this company but I live inAustin Texas

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