The Conscious Consumer & The War On Food Waste

The Conscious Consumer & The War On Food Waste



A day which we are all called to action, to think about how we can reduce our footprint and become an agent for positive and impactfully change! 

Each year on April 27th the environmentally conscious global community band together to reinforce their campaign and remind the world that we are literally throwing away enough food to make a huge dent if not eradicate world hunger.

In big 2021 world leaders are still sitting around scratching their heads at how to provide food security in a world where it’s estimated 1.9 billion tonnes of food is wasted annually at a monetary cost of over one trillion dollars.

Stop Food Waste Day was started by a food provision service Compass Group in 2017 and have continually dedicated their business efforts to serving communities and the environment as well as challenging the rest of the world to become more considerate and be more innovative with our food.

Whilst we as individuals are not responsible for the decisions of world leaders, corporations, and brands we are responsible for where we spend our money and the choices we make. It’s our challenge to you to take it upon yourself to not only demand more of the businesses that you spend your money with but also waste less.

At Fruits N Rootz we’re extremely proud to have developed an efficient supply chain that we’re constantly working to optimize that helps minimize the amount of waste that we accumulate from week-to-week.

One of our most successful methods of avoiding is waste is refusing to throw good fruit away. At the ends of each shipping week our team are charged with finding local organisations such as group homes, youth centres and community centres that we can offer the fruit too. In many instances it’s well received and for many of the beneficiaries it’s the first time they’ve tried some of the tropical fruits that we offer.

Here are some ways you can reduce food waste at home:

Shop Smarter:

Most of us try to do one big shop a week or month and this leads to over buying. Try making more frequent trips to the supermarket or the farmers market and make a point to yourself to use everything that you have before it goes bad

Fruits N Rootz | Stop Food Waste Day | Shop Smarter

One thing that really helps is making a list of the things that you actually need to cook what you have planned for the upcoming period, that way when you get to the shop, everything that is not on the list is just a distraction.

Better Storage:

According to the Natural Resource Defence Council around two-thirds of household was in the UK is due to food spoilage. A lot of people end up throwing out heaps of fruit and vegetables because they’re unsure about the ripening process. To find out detailed information about how all of our products ripen, visit our RIPENING GUIDE.

Fruits N Rootz | Stop Food Waste Day | Better Storage

You should know that some foods produce more Ethylene gas than others which naturally promote the ripening process. By separating them from foods that don’t you increase their life cycle and reduce your waste, as long as you get round to eating them.

Fruits N Rootz | Stop Food Waste Day | Ethylene Gass

Ripening Hack

Fruits N Rootz | Stop Food Waste Day | Ripening Hacks

Compost If You Can:

With increasing populations living on top of each other in big cities fewer and fewer of us have access to gardens and even fewer of us use those spaces to grow. It may not be a solution for you to compost in your garden but today we have access to convenient countertop composters that can be used to feed your micro-garden or your house plants.

Fruits N Rootz | Stop Food Waste Day | DIY Composter

We encourage you to use today as inspiration to look at your own footprint when it comes to food waste, think about ways that you can reduce throwing good food away.

Use Your Social Media For Social Activism.

The main purpose of Stop Food Waste Day is to influence people into making better decision that have a better impact on the earth. We wanted to use this opportunity to have you to tools you need to activate yourself as an agent for positive change.

We put together some memes & quotes that that can be shared on social media to help raise awareness and actively fight against the epidemic of wasted food.

Fruits N Rootz | Stop Food Waste Day | Meme 1

Fruits N Rootz | Stop Food Waste Day | Meme 2

Fruits N Rootz | Stop Food Waste Day | Meme 3

Fruits N Rootz | Stop Food Waste Day | Meme 5

Fruits N Rootz | Stop Food Waste Day | Meme 6

Fruits N Rootz | Stop Food Waste Day | Meme 4


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