Longan Box Fruits Fruits n' Rootz
Longan Box Fruits Fruits n' Rootz
Longan Box Fruits Fruits n' Rootz
Longan Box Fruits Fruits n' Rootz
Longan Box Fruits Fruits n' Rootz
Longan Box Fruits Fruits n' Rootz

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Dimocarpus Longan, simply known as Longan is the edible tree fruit related to the Soapberry family of fruits such as lychee, rambutan, guarana, korlan, pitomba, genip and ackee. Longan is suspected to originate from Myanmar and areas of South China with historically documented culinary and medicinal uses. 


The inedible outer shell is thin, leathery and almost crispy once ripe and ready to eat. When the skin is broken, a juicy, translucent, sweet tasting flesh is exposed that surrounds an inedible black seed. Longan is an antioxidant and a great source of vitamins, minerals and nutrients such as Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Iron, Magnesium and Potassium which are all essential to boosting the bodies immune system.


Fun Fact:In Cantonese(lùhng-ngáahn龍眼) Longan translates to"dragon's eye" because of its appearance when shelled.


*Large Box contains approximately 13-15 pounds*

*Medium Box contains approximately 8-10 pounds*

*Small Box contains approximately 4-5 pounds*

*Taste Test Box contains approximately 1-2 pounds* 

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**Being that fruit comes in all different sizes and weight, we aim to pack our boxes to maximum capacity**

***When you place an order please be aware of delivery times to receive your box, as fruit will ripen quickly in the outdoor heat. ***

Unable to ship to California.


Ripening Guide

Arrives Ripe


Longan arrives ripe and ready to eat, crack the light brown shell and consume the transparent flesh around the dark inedible seed.

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**Refund Policy**



Once the fruit has arrived, in the case that there are any damages to the fruit or the fruit is inedible, please notify us within 24 hours via email with a picture. Due to perishability of tropical fruit we are not able to refund after the 24 hour period.

We aim to provide the best quality fruit and service to our customers. Thank you for your support. 




Tropical Fruit ripens best in warm temperatures. If you have received fruit that has not ripened and you wish to speed up the ripening process, we recommend to either put your fruit in paper bags or wrapped in a kitchen towel and placed in a dry, warm area. Alternatively, you may also place your fruit outside in the sun (in an area mindful of bug) which will also speed up the ripening process. 





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