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Organically Grown Soursop Leaf Tea

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The leaf of the Soursop tree is hand picked from the same trees we get our soursop from, then they are carefully dried without heat and put into single use tea bags. It is recommended to keep it in its original packaging and stored in a cool dry place.

 ***Disclaimer: We are currently working on improving our packaging to be more eco-friendly. All Soursop teas are coming in craft paper packages. The product is the same and has the same quantity of 25 individual tea bags as the one pictured.


The Soursop Leaf Tea's price includes shipping via USPS. If you have multiple things in your cart and you pay for 2-day shipping, that applies to the fruit purchased. Sometimes we are able to put the tea with your fruit however depending on the size, shape and density of the fruit this may not always be possible. Please expect your tea package to be sent separately. 




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**Refund Policy**



Once the fruit has arrived, in the case that there are any damages to the fruit or the fruit is inedible, please notify us within 24 hours via email with a picture. Due to perishability of tropical fruit we are not able to refund after the 24 hour period.

We aim to provide the best quality fruit and service to our customers. Thank you for your support. 




Tropical Fruit ripens best in warm temperatures. If you have received fruit that has not ripened and you wish to speed up the ripening process, we recommend to either put your fruit in paper bags or wrapped in a kitchen towel and placed in a dry, warm area. Alternatively, you may also place your fruit outside in the sun (in an area mindful of bug) which will also speed up the ripening process.