Frequently Asked Questions

*Help! I haven’t received a confirmation email.

We send your order confirmation to the method you chose upon checkout. (SMS or Email).  Please first check your Junk/Spam folder, and if you still haven’t received it, send us an email with your order number to with “I didn’t receive a confirmation email” in the subject so that we may locate your order in the system and send it to you.


*I ordered today, when will my fruit arrive?

We ship orders on the Mondays-Wednesdays following the day you’ve placed your order. If you have ordered a *Pre-Order* item, please see the “What is a Pre-Order item?” question below.

Here is a short guide for an estimate on when your order will ship depending on when you order, and the mode of delivery you choose:

If you ordered on a:

Monday - it’ll be 7-9 days until shipment.

Tuesday - it’ll be 6-8 days until shipment.

Wednesday - it’ll be 5-7 days until shipment.

Thursday - it’ll be 4-6 days until shipment.

Friday - it’ll be 3-5 days until shipment.

Saturday (by midnight) - it’ll be 2-4 days until shipment.

Sunday - it’ll be 8-10 days until shipment.

Saturday orders have the fastest turnaround, while Sundays have the longest. We know you’re eager to receive your yummy fruits, so wherever possible, we aim to ship orders sooner than stated. Should it take longer than expected, please reach out to us at


*What is a Pre-Order item? / When will my Pre-Order Item be delivered?

Pre-Order items are fruits that are not currently in season. Please consult the seasonal guide to have an idea of when to expect your fruit. *Pre-Order* items will be shipped out when they become available. Should you have a change of heart, please email as we are happy to change your order to something we have readily available.



*It's been longer than the stated shipping time and my order still hasn't shipped.

Please verify that you haven’t in fact ordered a *Pre-Order* item. If your item is pre-order, please see the “What is a Pre-Order item” question above. If your item is not pre-order, there may be a hitch with verifying your shipping address. You will have received an email from us about this. If not, drop us a line on and include your shipping address so that we can take a look and see what's going on.


*Help! I've ordered fruit and my Sea Moss/Tea was not shipped with it. Where are my products?

The price of Sea Moss and our Teas includes shipping via USPS. If you have multiple items in your cart and you pay for 2-day shipping, the 2 day shipping will only apply to the fruit purchased. Sometimes we are able to put the package with your fruit, however, this may not always be possible. If you have ordered any of our dry goods (Sea Moss or Teas), we ask if you may please expect them to ship separately. In the event that they do, you will receive a confirmation email with your tracking once the order is ready for delivery.


*My address is correct, but it is still not able to be verified.

With your permission we can go ahead and ship to the unverified address, however, we will not be liable for failed delivery. Please reach out to us at with “Address Verification” in the subject line, and send us a message of approval in order to proceed.


*I wish to change my address.

Please send us an email within 24 hours of your order date with your order number and the delivery address you would like to change to as soon as possible.  Please be advised that we are not liable for failed delivery to the address you provided upon checkout if your address change was requested after your parcel has been shipped out.


*Do you ship to P.O. Boxes?

Yes we do, however, only our non-perishable items such as Teas or Seamoss.


*Can I track my order?

Absolutely! We will send your tracking information via the contact method you selected (email or SMS) once your order is packed and ready for ship out. Please be advised that you will not be able to track your parcel until you receive this shipping notification. This shipping notification is not to be confused with your confirmation email, which you receive as soon as your order is processed in the system.  Please see our “When will my fruit arrive?” Question above for shipping schedules.


*Where do you ship to?

We are proud to ship to almost every state and Canada, however, due to agricultural limitations there are some item restrictions for California, Arizona, Louisiana and Texas. We do not ship to Hawaii or any US Territories (American Samoa, Guam, Northern Mariana Islands, Puerto Rico, or the US Virgin Islands)


Arizona, Louisiana and Texas Restrictions:  Detox Box


California Restrictions:  Coconuts (Both Milk and Water), Detox BoxEggfruit BoxFlorida Local Mango Box, Key Limes BoxLongan,  Papaya BoxPink Guava Box, Red Custard Apple, Sapodilla Box, Sample Box (shippable with limited fruit variety), Seasonal Sweet Box (shippable with limited variety),  Sprouted Coconuts, Star Apple and Star Fruit Box


Please read the description on each product page for information pertaining to these restrictions. 


*I have items ordered that can’t be shipped to my state, what do I do?

More than likely a team member should have reached out to you regarding this, however if not, please email . We are happy to issue a replacement fruit that can be shipped or a gift card for the value of your order.


*How do I know if my fruit is ripe?

Please see our ripening guide:


*My fruit arrived in poor condition, what should I do?

Oh no! When we ship our fruit, we make sure the fruit is of great quality and condition and packaged to the best of our ability to avoid movement and bruising.  Unfortunately, the variations of temperature and the way the shipping companies handle the package can cause even the best fruit to perish quickly. (During the hotter seasons, the fruit will ripen quicker if exposed to warmth and/or sun). On the rare occasion that your fruit doesn’t arrive in pristine condition, please send a photo of the damage to within 24 hours of your package being delivered. We are more than happy to issue a credit or refund for the portion of the damaged fruit. Due to the quick perishability of fruits, we cannot accept pictures that are sent more than 24 hours after your package is marked as delivered.


*I only received one fruit in my test box, what’s up with that?

As explained in the descriptions on the product pages, we ship our fruits based on weight.  Some produce is larger or denser than others. For example, it’s very possible that one soursop can grow to the same weight and size as 2 or 3 smaller mangos. It depends on the harvest and the variety. The price for test boxes is inclusive of shipping cost as well.


*I would like to cancel my order/request a refund.  What’s the next step?

Please view our Refunds page at:


*I’ve reached out several times and haven’t heard back from anyone!

We are a small startup business that like many other small businesses was heavily affected by the pandemic. Staffing shortages, international parcel delivery delays and cancellations, and lockdowns delayed a lot of our production and led to a huge surplus of emails that has taken us some time to manage. We are doing our best to follow up with everyone and are so appreciative of your support.  Provided you’ve followed any instructions pertinent to your issue, we are confident that we will be able to help. We are grateful for your patience, and hope to serve you better in the future.