We ship orders of the following Monday-Wednesday from when you placed your order.

Here is a short guide for an estimate on when your order will ship depending on when you order: 

If you ordered on a:

Monday - it’ll be 7-9 days until shipment.

Tuesday - it’ll be 6-8 days until shipment.

Wednesday - it’ll be 5-7 days until shipment.

Thursday - it’ll be 4-6 days until shipment.

Friday - it’ll be 3-5 days until shipment.

Saturday - it’ll be 2-4 days until shipment.

Sunday - it’ll be  8-10 days until shipment.

Saturday orders have the fastest turnaround, while Sundays have the longest. We know you’re eager to receive your tasty parcel so wherever possible, we aim to ship orders sooner than stated.

Sorry for the inconvenience, if you can email us a screenshot of  the order confirmation page we can locate your order on the system and send you your confirmation.

We send out your tracking information via the contact method you select when you check out (email or SMS.)

This means there’s probably been a hitch with your shipping address. You will have received an email from us about this. If not, drop us a line on info@fruitsnrootz.com and include your shipping address so that we can take a look and see what's going on.

We’re proud to ship to almost every state (exceptions made for California, Texas and a couple of others - we’re working on it). We let you know on every fruit’s product page where it can and can’t be shipped.

On the rare occasion that your fruit doesn’t arrive in pristine condition, send us a photo on info@fruitsnrootz.com within 24 hours of your package being delivered. Due to the quick perishability of fruits, we cannot accept pictures that are sent more than 24 hours after your package is marked as delivered.

We aim to make our packaging as sustainable as possible. 

Use less: as little material as possible per pack

Don't use up new stuff: as much recycled or renewable material as possible

Close the loop: materials and pack formats that are easy to recycle

When we ship our fruit, we make sure everything is in great condition, but unfortunately the variations of temperature and the way the shipping company handles the package can cause even the best fruit to perish quickly. 

A) We've received the pictures that you have provided and will discuss with our team internally regarding providing you with a partial refund or replacements. 

B) Please provide us with images of the affected items. We do need to be able to see what's going on with each piece in order to accurately assist in making it right for you. 

We ship out orders on Mondays to Wednesdays of the following week from when you placed your order (before Saturday at midnight). This means that your order placed on DATE is expected to ship during DATE and DATE. Once your package ships, it will arrive depending on the shipping method you purchased. We will also send out your tracking information via the contact method you selected when you checked out (email or SMS.)