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**Refund Policy**

Once the fruit has arrived, in the case that there are any damages to the fruit or the fruit is inedible, please notify us within 24 hours via email with a picture. Due to perishability of tropical fruit we are not able to refund after the 24 hour period.

We aim to provide the best quality fruit and service to our customers. Thank you for your support. 




Tropical Fruit ripens best in warm temperatures. If you have received fruit that has not ripened and you wish to speed up the ripening process we recommend to either put your fruit in paper bags or wrapped in a kitchen towel and place in a dry warm area. Alternatively, you may also place your fruit outside in the sun (please be aware of bug) which will also speed up the ripening process. 




It is ripe when it is soft to the touch and an imprint is left when pressure is applied to it. The color of the skin may darken slightly.  

There are many ways to consume soursop. The most common way is to break it open and consume the white flesh, not eating the seeds inside.


Dragon Fruit 

It is picked ripe therefore ready to consume upon arrival. For an extended shelf life, we recommend to put it in the fridge.  

The easiest way to eat this fruit is to slice it in half and enjoy it with a spoon. The seeds are edible, crunchy and satisfying. 


Passion Fruit

It is ripe when the outer shell becomes wrinkled and soft to the touch. 

The best way to consume this is to slice it open and scoop out the pulp. 



This is ready to eat ripe upon arrival. For extended shelf life, store in the refrigerator. 

Break the skin and eat the flesh that surrounds the seed.  It is not advisable to eat the seed. Due to oxidation the outer shell will darker in color but this does not affect the fruit inside.



It is ripe when it is soft to the touch and an imprint is left when pressure is applied to it. The color of the skin may darken slightly.  

The most common way is to break it open and consume the white flesh, not eating the seeds inside.



It arrives ready to eat. For extended shelf life, store in the refrigerator. 

Crack the shell and suck the white flesh surrounding the bean. Some like to enjoy the bean raw while others may find it bitter. 


Sprouted Coconut 

It arrives pre husked and ready to eat. 

To get to the spongy inner core, drop the nut on a concrete surface until it cracks or alternatively hit with a hammer or tool similar to it. Enjoy the spongy mass.



Black Sapote

It arrives unripe. 

The black sapote is at optimal ripeness when very soft to the touch and the green skin turns a bit dark brown. When cut open, there will be a rich dark chocolate pudding like color . The skin can be eaten if chosen to, you can use a spoon and scoop out the fruit.





The fruit arrives unripe.

Over a few days the fruit will ripen and become soft enough to break with your hands and enjoy. Inside will be soft with a very sweet rich flavor. 





We ship these unripe. 

When ripe the fruit will be soft to the touch and easily broken with your hands. The texture will be that of a boiled egg yolk with the flavor of cake.



Your banana will arrive green and unripe.

Wait until the skin in yellow with brown/black spots which is when it is at its optimal ripeness.




This will arrive hard and unripe. 

When ripe it will become softer and when cut open have a creamy texture.



Pink Guava

The pink guava is shipped unripe and will arrive green and hard. 

When ripe the skin will change in color to yellow and the fruit will become very fragrant. At this time it will also be soft enough to break open with your hands. The seeds are hard to chew but are still edible.




Your mamey will arrive unripe and hard. 

When ripe it becomes soft to the touch. When ready to eat cut length wise, remove the large brown inedible seed and enjoy. The skin is not consumed. 



 Star Apple

Star Apple is picked ripe, when you receive it it is ready to eat. Cut it open and scoop out the milky inside with a spoon when ready to eat, the purple/green skin is not consumed. If you do not plan to consume it immediately it is recommended that it is put in the refrigerator. The seeds are not edible.


Custard Apple

Custard apple is shipped unripe and it is ready when soft similar to soursop and cherimoya. Do not refrigerate before it is ripe as this will affect the ripening process. It can be broken apart with your hands or a knife can be used to slice it open. The seeds are not edible.



Longan arrives ripe and ready to eat, crack the light brown shell and consume the transparent flesh around the dark inedible seed. 





Lychee is picked off the tree ripe and ready to eat. Therefore it will arrive in its optimal state to consume. Just like longan the flesh surrounding the seed is consumed.  





Mango is picked slightly under ripe and will ripen during transit. To know when its ready to eat, it will be soft to the touch and typically changes color. Depending on the variety of mango some will change color more than others, additionally some people enjoy mango under ripe while others allow the fruit to ripen fully to enjoy the full sweetness. Mango skin is edible however only some people may enjoy it.



Juneplum is picked green and should arrive green and hard. Some people prefer this fruit under ripe eaten as a vegetable with salt. On the other hand it can be left on the counter to ripen over a few days. The skin will yellow and it will become sweeter and more tender.


Star Fruit

Star Fruit is picked and shipped when it is green. During transit it may begin to ripen, it is ripe when the fruit turns yellow and softens. This fruit can be enjoyed at any ripeness level, when it is green it is like a tart apple and when its yellow it's much sweeter and juicy.


 Tree Tomato

Tree tomato AKA tamarillo is shipped slightly under ripe. When you recieve your package it is usually ripe and ready. Some individuals may like it slightly more ripe in that case allow it to soften on a counter for a few days.


Sugar Apple

Sugar apple is shipped hard and under ripe. This fruit may only be consumed once it has become soft, many times it will actually open on it's own exposing its sugary flesh. Only the interior flesh surrounding the seeds is edible. 


 Sugar Cane

Sugar Cane is shipped ready to consume. The super sweet fibrous cane needs to have its skin peeled to chew and enjoy, similar to chewing gum the fiber is to be spit after all the juice is gone. The juice can alternatively be pressed out of the cane, which is commonly known as guarapo. 


Jack Fruit

Jack fruit is shipped under ripe and will begin to ripen during transit. It may or may not arrive soft enough to eat raw. Depending on the consumer some may rather cook the fruit in a wide array of dishes, while others simply consume the fruit raw as nature intended. The choice is yours, however we do reccomend cutting this large fruit with some olive oil handy as it assist with removing the sticky sap.


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