Madame Francis - Haitian Mango ***Pre order*** Fruits n' Rootz
Madame Francis - Haitian Mango ***Pre order*** Fruits n' Rootz
Madame Francis - Haitian Mango ***Pre order*** Fruits n' Rootz
Madame Francis - Haitian Mango ***Pre order*** Fruits n' Rootz

Madame Francis - Haitian Mango

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Fun Fact: Mangoes Are The Most Popular Fruit In The World.

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Mango, scientifically known as Mangifera indica is native to the Indian subcontinent where it is indigenous

The Madame Francis mango is unique to Haiti's economy.  It is a large, flattened, kidney-shaped mango, light-green, slightly yellowish when ripe, with orange, low-fiber, richly flavored flesh

Mangoes are typically sweet, although the taste and texture of the flesh varies; some have a soft, pulpy texture similar to a ripe plum, while others are firmer, like a dense melon and some may have a fibrous texture  For Additional Information Visit Our Ripening Guide

Mango is low in calories but rich in nutrients. This fruit contains folate, vitamin K, E and Vitamin B which aid immunity. These vitamins may help your body produce higher amounts of disease-fighting white blood cells.  Mango is available between the months of May through August. Refer to our SEASONAL GUIDE

Please Note:

*We are unable to ship this fruit to California due to strict agricultural laws and regulations*

    • *Taste Test Box contains approximately 1-3 pounds*
    • *Small Box contains approximately 5-7 pounds*
    • *Medium Box contains approximately 8-10 pounds*
    • *Large Box contains approximately 14-16 pounds*
  • -Being that fruit comes in all different sizes and weight, we aim to pack our boxes to maximum capacity

    -When you place an order please be aware of delivery times to receive your box, as fruit will ripen quickly in the outdoor heat. 


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    Ripening Guide

    Mango is picked slightly under ripe and will ripen during transit. To know when its ready to eat, it will be soft to the touch and typically changes color. Depending on the variety of mango some will change color more than others, additionally some people enjoy mango under ripe while others allow the fruit to ripen fully to enjoy the full sweetness. Mango skin is edible however only some people may enjoy it.

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    Once the fruit has arrived, in the case that there are any damages to the fruit or the fruit is inedible, please notify us within 24 hours via email with a picture of the damaged/inedible/spoiled fruit to If we determine that you did in fact submit your photo within our allowable timeframe and your fruit is in fact compromised, you will either be refunded for the portion of your order that you are unable to enjoy, OR if more than half of your box is compromised, we will resend a fresh order. Due to the perishability of tropical fruit we are not able to refund after the 24 hour period.



    When reaching out to us via email, PLEASE bear with us as we are a small business and our response times are slightly exaggerated.  We are doing our best to respond to each email as quickly as possible within a 24 hour timeframe. As long as you have followed procedure and submitted your photos within 24 hours of receipt of your delivery we will do our due diligence to honor your claim. We aim to provide the best quality of fruit and service to our customers. Thank you for your support.